“You don’t make any man the centre of your life, unless you’re the centre of his.”

The judge’s words here are what it’s all about! #preach


Jen Goes Dating: What would JMC do?

Hi guys!

I’m currently in beautiful Berlin, and I’m absolutely loving this city! The food is amazing, the weather is awesome and the men are freaking hot. And I mean HOT! Tall, chiselled, blonde and gorgeous. I want to kiss every other guy I see.

On that note, I wanted to let you guys know I’ll be taking my first steps back into dating very, very soon! I’m so excited – it’s been a very long time coming and I’ve spent a really long time working on myself and figuring out what I want in a guy. Now I’m ready to get back on the horse and I can’t wait to ride it! (Figuratively, not literally… Not til I find the right guy, anyway).

I’ll be blogging about my efforts and everything I learn along the way (of course) and they’ll be part of a series I’m going to call Jen Goes Dating. Can’t wait to share!

Jen xo

Dating a Commitmentphobe: “Now that you’ve had this experience, you will never have it again.”

In my ‘research’ phase of getting over my CP, I discovered this brilliant advice on a forum I frequent called eNotAlone. I thought it was super inspiring and couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. Voila, below!


Murdered By My Boyfriend: 10 Signs They’re the Controlling Type

I just watched Murdered By My Boyfriend, a documentary film based on the 2010 murder of Casey Brittle.

It tells the story of Ashley, a beautiful 17 year old girl who’s still in college here in the UK when she meets Reece, an older guy who makes her feel beautiful and promises her the world. They quickly fall in love and everything seems rosy, until Reece starts to show signs of being controlling. After this, the documentary descends into a cathartic mess, charting Ashley’s failed attempts to leave Reece and his repeated, savage abuse. Ultimately, he beats her to death in a fit of rage after she admits to being involved with another guy while her and Reece were temporarily separated.


When you date a commitmentphobe…

Hey guys and girls! I had a bit of a ‘moment’ yesterday (which I’ll update you on soon) and just found this article about the emotional rollercoaster of dating CP, which I thought you guys would enjoy… Anyone who’s been through this knows how accurate this is!

Have a little read of this: http://thoughtcatalog.com/peta-ellis/2014/06/when-you-date-a-commitment-phobe/

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!

Lots of love, Jen xo

Career euthanasia: What defines YOU?

keep-calm-and-take-the-redundancyIn a surreal rush of secret meetings, hysterical colleagues and tears, I was randomly made redundant from my job last week. After 3 years with the same London PR agency, I was in complete shock. There was no warning whatsoever from management, and they had sneakily kept my immediate boss in the dark due to the close friendship we’ve had since day 1. They tackled him and I separately at the exact same time so we didn’t have a chance to communicate, and that was it. I was handed a letter with a list of jobs I wasn’t qualified to do, offered a sizeable payout, and it was quickly and painlessly over.


Life is one big self-esteem obstacle course.

Im not pregnant mum mToday I had the misfortune of visiting Thai Square Spa, in London’s Shelton Street. It was meant to be a treat to myself – a way for me to unwind, de-stress and move forward after the death of my beloved grandfather last month.The past few weeks have been difficult – incessant family bickering, funeral planning, Facebook deletions and some completely inappropriate behaviour from the family’s resident psycho aunt. So of course, I have been comfort eating. Takeaways, chocolate puddings, sandwiches. Carbs, carbs, carbs. They dull the pain.